Tram stop call

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While queuing on Princes Street for a bus, one of our beloved trams was making a “test” run on our once beautiful main thoroughfare. A lady behind me opined to her friend: “Damn waste of money!”

There was unanimous agreement from the 20 or so people at the stop and when I suggested that the testing had shown that the experiment had failed and should now be scrapped there was again total agreement.

The only impediment to this viewpoint would be the politicians who have so assiduously supported this vanity project.

The average citizen of Edinburgh would even at this late stage be willing to tear down the poles that blight our view of the castle and leave the tracks as a testament, in true Calton Hill tradition, to Edinburgh’s second folly.

Maybe The Scotsman would take a poll of readers to see if my purely unscientific sample were a true reflection of opinion in the city? I am willing to wager that it most certainly would be. The outrage caused by the trams has united people in the capital in a manner unseen in my long lifetime.

Howard Lewis

Hailes Avenue