Tram inquiry call

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Is First Minister Alex Salmond afraid of a public inquiry on Edinburgh trams? The SNP seems to be carefully trying to have only “good news” before the referendum.

Is this why it is trying to forget the Edinburgh trams disaster?

Alex Salmond has said that he will only consider a public inquiry once the project is complete.

Well, we all know that the work is nearly finished, so the Scottish Government should be making arrangements for an inquiry right now, and before all those responsible can resign or retire and pretend they were not responsible.

The public deserves to know how such a huge amount of public money has been wasted and so recklessly spent.

Alex Salmond may try to claim that his party wanted to stop the tram project, however, it appears that he then allowed Transport Scotland to hand out millions of pounds when the work for this payment had not been completed.

How could this happen – unless there was some political direction?

And Audit Scotland also bears responsibility for failing to pick up on this wanton waste of public money.

We cannot wait for a public inquiry – we need it now.

Allan Alstead

Moray Place