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Is there a case for extending the national concessionary travel scheme to journeys on the Edinburgh trams?

I noted how eloquently councillor Lesley Hinds lauded the work of transport officials and councillors in getting the project under way (Friends of The Scotsman, 18 June). Yet it remains the case that the venture has been largely financed by the Scottish taxpayer, rather than the Edinburgh taxpayer, albeit in circumstances of great controversy.

Arguably the trams are a national asset, no doubt improving the experience of many visitors from throughout the world to the capital city and Scotland.

The over-60s from all over the country, not just the Edinburgh area, should be able to travel free on the trams.

The argument that they cannot do so, for example, on the Glasgow underground, is open to question. The trams are much more visible and largely seen as complementary to the bus network in the city.

Councillor Hinds should at the very least be asking Transport Scotland for statistics on how many pensioners from outwith the city are likely to use them and the likely cost of allowing them to do so.

This is an area where co-
operation between the Holyrood government and the City of Edinburgh Council could help to promote even more goodwill among the more elderly visitors to the city.

Bob Taylor

Shiel Court

Glenrothes, Fife