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Hotel prices for next year’s Commonwealth Games (your report, 21 August) are nothing compared with the extortion adopted by golf tour operators and corporate companies which are selling packages for next year’s Ryder Cup at Gleneagles.

Visitors are being asked to spend thousands of pounds per head for tickets plus accommodation in low and medium standard hotels. Scotland is trying to promote itself as one of the friendliest countries to visit and yet we are allowing companies to make a large dent in the good work that has taken place during these past few years.

I thought the idea was to encourage visitors to both the Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup to take a journey through Scotland and enjoy our scenery, history and culture.

The adoption of vastly over-inflated prices will mean the majority of visitors will head home straight away with little money left in their pockets and the realisation that Scotland is one of the dearest places to visit.

I appreciate both events will generate millions in the short term for selected companies, but what will the lasting impression be for those guests who will not be able to afford to see the rest of Scotland after the events?

Fully supporting the opportunity to capitalise on generating income into our economy, I am deeply concerned this style of exploitation will have a detrimental effect on the long term strategy for tourism here in Scotland.

Generating money into the economy is one thing; allowing slick, fast, corporate, wide boys to rip visitors and spectators off is something quite different.

Gerry McMullan

Carnegie Touring

Woodlands Drive