Tory threat

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Half the world and its mother lined up to laugh and sneer at the heir to the throne when he admitted talking to his trees.

What, then, are we to make of the Mayor of London, speaking at the Conservative Party conference, talking to a house brick?

They are already trailing him as Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister in waiting.

In the Tory Party, I ask myself, are the lunatics already running the asylum?

I wish Bold Boris had addressed his house brick before the independence referendum, rather than after it.

If he had, then maybe the days that we would be subjected to the political musings of Eton’s best would already be numbered.

I wonder if the No vote will be able to look the Ayes in their eyes, if Alex turns out to have been right, and we have another six years of Tory misrule ahead.

In that case, like it or not, unless London takes extraordinary steps to prevent it, there will be another referendum sooner or later.

Too many folk who previously thought themselves powerless have been politicised, and the referendum result, although clear, was not decisive enough to put the matter to bed.

The next time the smart money will not be on the same result.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road