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Ruth Davidson, in a major speech attempting to improve the Tory Party’s appeal in Scotland (your report, 19 February), clearly demonstrated to voters that Tories never change their spots, but one can’t fault her for trying.

As Ms Davidson called for the reinstatement of 95 per cent mortgages to assist future home buyers, it was blatantly clear there was no call for the repeal of the “bedroom tax”.

Ms Davidson went on in her speech, appealing to Scottish voters when she said Tory plans would include cuts in budgets to local authorities, abolition of free eye tests and prescriptions, the re-introduction of university tuition fees, all measures that have been seen as priorities for the Scottish Government and benefiting the people of Scotland.

So I ask Ms Davidson: what kind of Scotland are you portraying? Would it be a Scotland where ordinary hard-working families are penalised and those who are sick are taxed through prescription charges?

Catriona C Clark

Hawthorn Drive