Tory ‘junk mail’

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IN MY morning post, I received an election mailshot from the Scottish Conservative Party personally addressed to me.

I was very annoyed at this as I have had no previous contact with the Scottish Conservatives, nor do I wish any.

I contacted the Conservatives’ head office in Edinburgh who advised me that they had obtained my details from the electoral 

I consider this to be an invasion of privacy, as when I received a form asking to update my details for the election register, I ticked the box that said I wished to be on the edited register so that companies could not use my details for direct marketing.

Unbeknown to me, political parties can access the full register and bombard the electorate with junk mail.

What happened to the old-fashioned way of prospective politicians wearing out their shoe leather posting leaflets through anonymous doors?

Personalised mailshots are an invasion of privacy and a waste of money for the parties, as I will be sending this back at the Tories’ expense.

Gordon Kennedy

Simpson Square