Too few trams

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Your report (10 May) on the planned regeneration of Princes Street makes optimistic reference to trams running through Edinburgh centre “every few minutes”.

Sadly this vision does not seem likely.

The city council currently proposes to run only eight trams an hour on the route, or one tram every seven-and-a-half minutes, using only 17 out of the fleet of 27 vehicles. The tram’s supposed speed advantage over the current bus services will be virtually lost if passengers have to wait seven or more minutes for the next service.

Having waited through more than ten years of planning and construction for the completion of ­Europe’s most expensive tram line, Edinburgh’s citizens are ­entitled to expect a high-
frequency service when it eventually arrives.

With 27 trams at its disposal, the city council should commit now to making the most of this hugely expensive equipment by confirming a daytime tram frequency of at least every five minutes on the core route between York Place and the Gyle.

This is the minimum service we should be prepared to ­accept in return for such a massive public investment and all the disruption which has come with it.

Robert Drysdale

Primrose Bank Road