Time to get tough

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Looking at the desperation of migrants to get into Britain from Calais it is obvious they see us as a land flowing with milk and honey, or more precisely, free housing, teeth, glasses, hospitals etc. The list goes on.

Why doesn’t David Cameron make it absolutely clear there will be no handouts, healthcare, nothing at all for anybody entering Britain illegally. Why should there be when there are British people in need of help who must, and should, have the resources spent on them rather than on people from thousands of miles away who have nothing to offer Britain except a dependency on welfare. We have to stop this nonsense.

Before those who disagree moan about how folk from the UK emigrated in their millions over the years, they usually went to countries where there was room for them, countries like Australia and Canada where there was land, jobs and with hard work, success, and no handouts.

Tom Steel

Spence Place