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Magnus Moodie’s rant against children and scooters (Letters, 26 November) suggests that the spirit of Ebenezer Scrooge is alive and well in Edinburgh.

Perhaps Magnus was never 
allowed to skip, hop or bike along a pavement trying to avoid grumpy old men carrying a pint of milk, shaking their sticks at him.

No doubt he feels it is his birthright to go to the shops at “home time” for the local 
primary school.

But in the interests of keeping his blood pressure down and giving our little “munchkins” a free run on the pavement can I suggest he gets his milk at another time of the day?

Alan Black

Camus Avenue


Is Magnus Moodie a real person or a little-known Dickens character?

I can understand him getting annoyed about children and their scooters, but I find it perplexing that it riles him so much that he has to write to a newspaper about it, particularly when there are so many other things to be getting worried about at the moment.

I do hope that he cheers up soon.

Angela Innes

Dundas Street