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Alex Good (Letters, 5 March) really does stick his clean-
shaven chin out a little too far. Far enough to warrant a quick jab in response.

As a long-term supporter of a beard – almost 40 years – I prefer to think of a beard as natural, as opposed to the arguably more vain, clean-shaven look.

Or is it that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak?

As far as shouting “idleness” – a well-kept beard can be as time-consuming as the vain act of shaving.

Malcolm HA Ogilvie



Alex Good accuses us beardies of being idle. In fact, the opposite is true – we choose to be hirsute because are too busy to have time to shave and are insufficiently vain to want to gaze at our faces first thing in the morning.

Alan Black

Camus Avenue


Wearing a beard is a good way of letting people know you like real ale.


Marchmont Road