The loyal toast

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As an English, 16-year-old cub reporter on the Western News in the 1950s Glasgow slums, I never got over seeing shoeless children living in extreme poverty in the rat-infested tenements.

On one occasion I witnessed a hard-fried egg cut four ways for the children’s breakfast in one of the “single ends” – the disabled mother declining her share!

The destruction of shipbuilding was in part self-inflicted, but it is essentially true that Scotland generally got the rough end of the stick, and the much-maligned Barnett Formula went some way to redressing that inequity. To now hear self-serving MPs baying for the pledge to maintain it to be scrapped – despite it doubtless being instrumental in swaying who knows how many voters to say No – is utterly despicable.

A Yes vote would have cost rUK trillions: the re-siting of Trident would have been virtually impossible, and could have resulted in unilateral disarmament with the loss of the 
Security Council seat; the 
effect on sterling and shares; the loss of trade and foreign investment here; the loss of our AAA 
rating and the huge increased cost of borrowing; the diminution of our universal status and the loss of world-wide trust in the stability of the country; the loss of control of rUK’s border with Scotland, and Scotland’s inability to effectively defend the region; and the impact on rUK’s defence of having to give Scotland a share of the military assets and manpower – need I go on?

Wake up, MPs! The No vote saved us trillions and years of costly and painful upheaval as the UK unravelled.

I urge Labour supporters to write to their MPs to honour the pledge given by the Prime Minister to the loyal people of Scotland.

David J Prole

Great Titchfield Street