The last resort

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When George Kerevan writes, I pay attention.

However, I don’t entirely agree with his concerns over London Heathrow (Perspective, 19 July), for the simple reason that in several decades of worldwide travel involving many hundreds of flights to five continents I’ve hardly ever needed (nor wanted) to use Heathrow.

Your entry point for an international or intercontinental flight does not have to be in the UK. The alternatives I’ve used, flying mainly from Edinburgh and occasionally from Newcastle (they’re equidistant from me) include Brussels, Munich, Frankfurt Main, Amsterdam, Paris CDG, Copenhagen, Prague, Reykjavik (for New York) and of course Norwich, Luton, London City and Gatwick. There are other possibilities I haven’t tried.

For transiting passengers, 
Heathrow is the last resort.

Alasdair Drysdale