The half-hearted

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Andrew HN Gray (Letters, 24 September) and I seem unlikely to agree either on what happened in the past or what should happen in the future.

It was he, not I, who mentioned “injustices”. Injustices certainly happened, and still do, but it is arguable that misfortunes befalling Scotland have been largely due to our own mistakes and it is up to us to remedy them.

On the question of whether some Scottish parliamentarians were paid to support the Union of 1707, a quick internet search tells me that (Jacobite) George Lockhart of Carnwath published a list of 32 Scottish Parliament Commissioners who had taken money from the English Treasury.

Books by Paul H Scott might also be helpful for anyone wishing more information.

On the day after the indecisive 1979 referendum on devolution (a majority of those who cast a ballot voted Yes, but the numbers did not satisfy the “40 per cent rule”) I was, as a university teacher in Liverpool, in a lift with an African student.

He looked at me and said: “That was amazing, in any normal country that would have been 90 per cent Yes.”

I agreed with him. He had identified our problem.

David Stevenson