The bald truth

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Lori Anderson’s article on baldness (Perspective, 25 January) is very good. She makes mention of the story of the prophet Elisha in the Second Book of Kings, an example of how some men can be extremely sensitive about their baldness. This sensitivity has led to the growing demand for hair transplants she refers to.

Frankly, why go through such a painful and expensive operation? As Ms Anderson says, taking the drug finasteride is recommended to prevent any further post-
transplant hair loss but there are quite serious-sounding side-effects – are they worth it? If you keep yourself in shape and look after yourself, no-one bothers if you are bald. A significant number of bald athletes competed at the Olympics and I doubt if any of them will ever be endorsing hair transplants as footballer Wayne Rooney has done. Accepting your baldness is a sign of self-respect.

Robert Kelly

Round Riding Road