‘Tax’ unfairly targets disabled

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YOUR piece “Ministers attacked over ‘bedroom tax’” (News, 17 March) enraged me so much that I must put finger to keyboard.

Willie Rennie’s take-home pay is at least £57,500 a year, plus whatever he receives for being leader of the Scottish Lib Dems. He lives in a nice house in Kelty with his wife and children, and no doubt has a spare bedroom or two so that friends and family can come to stay to enjoy a lovely family Christmas or Easter.

I have tried, without success, to decode his statement that “Now, if you’ve got a house that you couldn’t afford if you were working, that traps you on welfare, and I think we should incentivise people out of welfare.”

Who decides whether you could afford that house you’re living in if you were working? That assumes that someone would decide what job you could be doing in order to afford – or not – afford it.

How can anyone possibly “incentivise” someone “out of welfare” who cannot work because they’re suffering from a severely debilitating or degenerative condition?

Instead of paying MSPs ludicrously high salaries and expenses, let’s pay them the most basic rate of benefits and let them be the ones who are “incentivised” to demonstrate to us, their electorate, how they are earning the money we’re paying them.

Jenny Smith, Easdale Island