Targeting fat cats

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With continuing, almost daily, corruption allegations emanating from the Westminster political parties, is it any wonder that the UK electorate are increasingly turning to the Greens, socialists, SNP in Scotland and Ukip in England.

Interestingly, creeping under the establishment media, it was narrowly reported that Iceland had jailed leading bank executives.

Good on this little country which is recovering along with Ireland far quicker than mighty GB from the world economic crash of 2008 caused by the greed and dishonesty of a corrupt banking system.

The May UK general election is rapidly turning into the people versus the establishment and big business.

The Westminster political agreement for a further £30 
billion austerity cuts affecting the poor while ignoring widespread tax avoidance of the 
rich, and with the renewal of 
Trident amounting to £100 billion, is simply immoral and wrong.

Only the SNP is prepared to target the fat cats who avoid paying their taxes along with the banks and accountancy agencies who advise them.

Grant Frazer