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If the SNP win the seats in May as predicted, at Westminster it will make demands and decisions to alienate Scotland from rUK so that the groundswell of opinion there changes from historical fondness for the Scots to an attitude that says “why don’t they just go on their own?”

That is putting it politely. It is exactly what the SNP want: if they win a majority at Holyrood in 2016, Ms Sturgeon more or less confirms that they will demand another referendum (your report, 1 April). They will support this with the claim that “the English want rid of us”.

With the above clear for all to see, the majority of Scottish voters, that is those who voted No last September, are being led to disaster by the stance of the non-SNP parties.

The SNP is a single-issue party, that issue being independence. What is needed is a counter single-issue party to stand against it and support and sustain the majority in favour of the Union.

This will not happen in time for the May general election, nor for 2016. In the meantime, Labour, the Conservatives and Liberals should work together to field only one candidate against the SNP in each seat – the candidate most likely to win most non-SNP votes.

The present position of these three parties plays right into the SNP’s “divide and conquer” strategy. In the absence of any recognition of this, we No supporters must take the initiative and vote tactically in May.

David K Allan


East Lothian