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Alf Young (Perspective, 2 November) asks the question “Who will keep Britain’s lights on?” He informed us that during a fierce debate on energy in Holyrood, Alex Salmond said he had been warned by the regulator the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets that energy blackouts could cripple the UK next winter as demand threatens to outstrip supply.

Never one to miss a chance to “put one over” on the English, Salmond claimed: “One of the benefits Scotland would gain on independence is that we have a 20 per cent margin of supply over demand and we would be delighted to sell them our renewable electricity.” No mention of what will happen when the wind does not blow or blows too strongly and his beloved, highly-subsidised wind turbines do not turn a blade. Will he accept electricity tainted by coal, gas and nuclear from England?

No mention that on independence Scotland’s energy consumers would have to pay for the enormous subsidies on Scottish turbines, which at present are paid through the energy bills of the whole of the UK. So, in answer to Alf Young’s question, it certainly will not be Alex Salmond.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road

Linlithgow, West Lothian