‘no tax 
rises’ after 

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Where does the proposed 
whisky trade tax fit into this?

- Graham Slater

If Ireland is any example,
low tax rate countries usually end up slashing benefits.

- Xanxibar

So we’re going to have a 
low-tax, business-friendly 
Scotland? So much for social democracy then.

- Biscuit McVittie

Has Swinney cleared this
with Brussels?

- Clueless Davie

Let’s end the myth about
things being free. Free prescriptions and eye tests are funded by the NHS budget. Free university education comes from money taken from the education budget.

- Edinburgh100

Giving businesses tax cuts
during periods when the aim of government is to reduce a 
deficit is nothing short of 
reckless. Bonuses in the form of tax breaks to one sector will not reduce the deficit. Welcome to Planet Ponzi.

- Peter58

Even with oil revenues this
strategy seems like a pipe dream. Maybe the plan is to become 
another tax haven rather than follow the other oil-rich countries used as examples so often by the Yes supporters.

- Stanleyburbick

How can Mr Swinney 
possibly know that there will 
be no personal tax rises in an 
independent Scotland? He doesn’t know what debt and other outgoings he would have to service, and he doesn’t know if he will be in government.

- William Forbes

Given Scotland’s relatively
small population, the revenues that are currently raised, as a gross annual figure, would be ample to continue to fund Scotland’s services and ongoing infrastructure redevelopments.

- Am Miorbhuil