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DAVID Cameron promised that the National Health Service would be safe in the hands of the Tories. So safe, it appears, that the Mid Staffordshire hospital trust – ultimately responsible for a hospital where more than 1,000 unnecessary or premature deaths have occurred in the past couple of years – is to be quietly placed into administration.

It will require an extra subsidy of £73 million simply in order to stay open, and anyone claiming compensation for the unnecessary death of a loved one through medical negligence will probably have to go whistle for it. One even wonders if administration is a cynical manoeuvre specifically designed to counter such claims.

Twenty years of meddling by parliaments more interested in politicking and expenses than competent government is finally presenting the disintegrating NHS to the private sector on a plate – safe in their hands?

Our 650 MPs between them couldn’t run a chippie on Leith Walk, let alone the NHS. Even the services of the smallest of 
city councils wouldn’t be safe in their hands.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road