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I was interested in the comment by Carolyn Taylor (Letters, 31 December) that SNP members would have surely voted Yes.

In canvassing for Better Together in Highland Perthshire, I can tell you that quite a few SNP members were adamant that they would be voting No and contributed little or nothing to the Yes campaign, simply because they thought the specific proposal that was presented was very 

On hearing this, I would check that they were not just merely SNP voters, but they were happy to confirm their membership, and a bit of cross-referencing with colleagues usually bore this out. It is also no secret in Perth and Kinross that a number of SNP councillors voted No and some of our best No campaigners were disillusioned SNP voters from 2011.

One of the things that I took from the referendum was that the capacity for independent thought exists in all quarters, even, seemingly, the SNP.

That being the case, perhaps we will have a better standard 
of debate if this ever happens again.

Victor Clements

Mamie’s Cottage