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Jennifer Wilkie (Friends of The Scotsman, 5 May) brings up the sore point of unpaid contributions to parental support by one partner.

In a humanitarian society such as ours we can’t have children suffering because of parental flaws, and yet for the state to step in, a huge burden is created for the rest of society, responsibly law abiding.

In the new Scotland, a country being produced by the No group as well as the Yes, we could have a fresh look at such conflicts of interest. How do other countries of the same size deal with it?

Israel steps in and takes on the unpaid contribution. But that money is subtracted from the offending partner’s future pension rights.

So the fear of loss of income in old age when it’s most needed prompts offending parents to cough up. Thus Israel saves itself this burden enabling it to bear the expense of providing free medical attention to wounded Syrian fighters and Palestinians who seek it.

Just think what help of another kind the new Scotland could give with that freed-up cash!

Margaret E Salmond

Dunbar Street