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Michael Kelly (Perspective, 
21 February) should know that for “every fine mess” there are possible solutions.

European funding is designed to help the peripheral, rural, island and less favoured areas. Much of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, along with northern Sweden and Finland, fall into this category. European funding has been hugely important to these areas over the past 40 years. Why should the Scottish Government welcome the ­Westminster suggestion of a 30 per cent cut? The European Budget will, after all, increase only gradually in the future.

The devolved Scottish Government has proved itself to be both outward-looking and pragmatic, with a social democratic bias.

It has to balance a decreasing annual budget. Maybe Michael Kelly should travel more, around outward-looking northern and eastern Scotland.

Many English people, along with those from other lands, live and work and bring their ­families up in Scotland. Why would we want to hate them? Scottish problems will be solved principally by the Scottish Government and businesses. Westminster and Europe can help.

Governments in Scotland and the UK meet, discuss and negotiate. Should he be surprised that the SNP government speaks up for Scotland? Labour, Tory and Lib Dem MPs and MSPs could do this too, on European structural funds.

John Mowat

Springfield Drive


Michael Kelly suggests there is anti-English feeling in the SNP.

My husband and I – both English – have lived in Scotland for almost 23 years and we have never ever encountered any anti-English resentment.

We joined the SNP 16 years ago as we can see the benefits of independence, and it is a party in which we have been made most welcome.

Susan Swain