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Having attended the Scottish Ukip meeting with Nigel Farage, may I point out a substantial error in your report (10 May) of the event? Rather than a “couple of dozen” of us, there were around 100. Granted this was probably less than the total of protesters, but one must remember that they were drawn from, by their own admission, diverse viewpoints.

From hooded and masked thugs at the back of the crowd, to those waving IRA flags, Socialist Worker Party promoters of totally unlimited immigration, wind-farmists and various strands of gays, the only common factors seemed to be their opposition to democracy and free speech and their commitment to the SNP’s “independence in Europe”.

It is arguable that Ukip represents the views of the average Scot and perhaps even the average Scotsman reader rather better than these assorted totalitarians do. Which is why, despite almost total censorship of debate of our actual policies by the state broadcasting corporation and most of our media, we are getting 12-18 per cent here in polling for the European Parliament election.

Neil Craig

Woodlands Road