Strict liability

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It is heartening that the UK government taking action to crack down on careless and inconsiderate driving (your report, 6 June). Drivers who lack awareness of their actions put all road users at risk, and this is especially true for vulnerable users such as cyclists and pedestrians who, because of their lack of protection, are put at extreme peril by these motorists.

In Scotland, the Scottish ­Government needs to look at complementing these new regulations with a wide range of initiatives of its own to promote road safety. This should include theintroduction of strict liability into Scots civil law as a way to foster a culture of respect 
between all road users.

As Road Share, our campaign for strict liability, has argued, road safety in this country has reached a critical point.

In collisions between motorists and cyclists, the cyclist will always be the loser. The UK government’s new road traffic rules recognise the menace that careless drivers pose to other motorists; the next logical step is to move to better safeguard cyclists and others who are most vulnerable on the roads.

Brenda Mitchell

Cycle Law Scotland