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In Gordon Casely’s excellent obituary of Ted Kidd (17 August), he refers to the apocryphal tale of Ted holding a key which allowed him to disconnect the telephones in public kiosks.

If by apocryphal he means untrue, the preceding tale of stock-car racing ramming tactics during Paddy Meehan’s release from Peterhead Prison is equally apocryphal.

Mr Meehan certainly was driven from the prison by lawyer David Burnside and Ted’s task was to prevent other press cars from following closely enough to see Mr Meehan being transferred into a waiting helicopter.

This he did by driving slowly along a narrow country road and blocking any attempt to overtake.

This pursuit ended when he swerved in front of my car and I had to brake sharply and drive on to the grass verge to avoid a collision.

Ted also stopped immediately in front of me and the other press cars were able to pass on the other side.

By then he had achieved his purpose and the helicopter was well away by the time any other press cars reached the scene.

There was, however, no contact between any of the cars involved in this exercise and certainly no question of anyone being rammed from behind.

Ian Rennie

(ex-Scottish Daily Express)