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The SNP and other supporters of independence are fond of referring to the unionist campaign as Project Fear.

What hypocrisy. It is they who are forever portraying Scots as bullied, cheated, exploited and now “shortchanged” by evil Westminsterists.

By what twisted logic can our world-famous inability to look after our own health be presented as short changing by the UK pensions department?

And why is the SNP solution that Westminster should pay our pensions earlier, rather than that we should improve our health? Could it be that it gives the SNP something else to claim as an 

Is there nothing that the SNP will not whinge about? They are humiliating us by constantly portraying us as needy, supplicant complainers, chip-on-the-shoulder moaners with an inflated sense of entitlement, forever crying that a big Tory did it and ran away.

I do not feel that way, I do not believe that others do, and I bitterly resent Scots being represented to the world in that way.

Graham M McLeod