Stone the crows

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In his letter (“Culling corvids” 7 March) Mike Swan of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust stated “ … the use of Larsen traps is highly regulated in Scotland, so as to ensure that it is both ­humane and effective”.

To use a Larsen trap in Scotland you only have to read a government licence online (to be able to say you have read, ­understood and complied with it) then go to the police and pick up an identification label for your trap.

Once you fix the label to the trap you can start catching and killing corvids (members of the crow family of birds).

There are no checks to ensure you have a good reason for killing these birds.

There are no checks to ensure you are able to kill birds ­humanely.

No-one inspects the trap or checks to see if you are using it properly.

Does the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust really believe that is “highly regulated” or is it using the same dictionary it seems to use to define ­“conservation”?

John F Robins

Animal Concern Advice Line