Standing firm

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Archbishop Vincent Nichols states the official position of the Catholic Church on same-sex unions in England, views that also hold true in Scotland and the rest of the UK, ie: that according to its tenets it is wrong and any conventional marriage by definition is between a man and woman and immediately he is castigated by former first minister Jack McConnell for “intolerance”.

Might it be that Mr McConnell is intolerant of the views of the Catholic Church? It seems that the Catholic Church, and indeed the Christian faith itself, is being castigated for staying true to its beliefs. The same views are held by the Church of Scotland, Judaism and Islam, yet in the case of the last two not a word is said; why? It seems that in order to foist the desires of a minority on what is still a Christian country that Christianity is being persecuted for daring to defy militant secularism.

Brian Allan

Keith Street