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Like most of those who write of the probable scenario, post-2014, from a unionist point of view, Andrew H N Gray (Letters, 5 March) is clear about what Scotland will be called, but seems to be totally confused about what to call the piece of the former Great Britain that will be left.

Most possibly this confusion comes from the fact that most unionists have much grander aspirations than the actuality 

Clearly, the rump can no longer be called Britain, Great or 

Scotland takes up a major part of the island of Britain and it would be quite unacceptable for the neighbouring state to lay claim to the name of the whole island, and of course with the dissolution of Great Britain there can no longer be a United Kingdom of it with Northern Ireland.

Remembering that Wales was swallowed up by England long before either the Union of the Crowns or the Union of the Parliaments, what we are facing here is the dissolution of the state of Great Britain back into the two states of England and Scotland.

Of course there will be loose ends to tidy up, like Northern Ireland for instance, but that is the crux of the matter, and if there are any statesmen left in Britain it is high time they stepped forward and brought some clear thinking to the present gilravage.

Irvine Inglis