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Your editorial, “Why Salmond’s spin doctor should go” (13 June), was disappointing.

The real issue here is that, wittingly or unwittingly, Clare Lally allowed herself to be misrepresented by the Better Together campaign as an ordinary mum and voter when, demonstrably, she is over and above that a Labour Party activist.

Spin doctor Campbell Gunn simply sought to point that out. He made a mistake in stating that she was related to former Glasgow provost Pat Lally and for that he has quite rightly apologised to Ms Lally, although perhaps he should have apologised to Pat Lally too.

Had Mr Gunn been wrong about her Labour Party activity, not her family relationships, then it would be more serious because he would have been seeking, inappropriately, to gain political advantage.

But in the circumstances he was quite correct, as you say, not to attempt to undermine her credibility but actually to demonstrate her lack of credibility on this occasion.

Your editorial has demonstrated a lack of clarity in picking the wrong target and lack of judgment.

I would have liked to have seen your editorial look into Better Together’s role in the misrepresentation of Ms Lally and perhaps pick up on the possible reasons for her pointed refusal to accept an apology.

Andrew Parrott

Stuart Avenue