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I READ your article (“Sainsbury admits ‘mislabelling’ Scottish salmon,” 21 May) and felt compelled to comment.

One of the most telling statements from Sainsbury was that it is “… the country’s largest retailer of RSPCA Freedom Food Salmon and all our Scottish salmon is farmed to a number of independent standards.”

RSPCA Freedom Food standards are aimed at increased welfare of the salmon but do not really tackle issues such as pollution or shooting of seals.

What faith does Sainsbury think consumers should put in its claim that its farmed salmon meets “a number of independent standards”?

Should consumers rely on trade-based or charity endorsed standards for the food they eat?

It is the job of our elected politicians to ensure the safety of food. Instead of being so close to the floating factory fish-farming business that they smell higher than a herring down the back of a radiator, ministers should be setting, policing and enforcing the very highest standards for the industry.

John F Robins

Save Our Seals Fund