SNP payback

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You report that the SNP is awash in millionaires’ donations and other cash, which will be “thrown at” the campaign to break up the UK (11 April).

In the same issue of your newspaper, you report on the rumblings and growing disquiet about Alex Salmond’s eye-watering expenses – the details of some of these are still unaccounted – while in the United States on Ryder Cup “business”.

In these circumstances would it be too much to expect the SNP to do the decent thing and from its accumulated wealth pay back the taxpayers of this country the £3,000 or so of so far unaccounted bills run up by Mr Salmond at his five-star hotel?

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg


I note that the SNP national treasurer states: “I can say that our financial position is very, very good.”

Good enough to refund the taxpayer for the cost of the manifesto of SNP aspirations which was misnamed a white paper? Any money left over might usefully refund the taxpayer the 
difference between £649 a night and £60!

John Dorward

Brechin Road


I am no fan of the SNP but it’s getting really irritating listening to people moan about the expenses Alex Salmond ran up while on Ryder Cup business.

Do they really expect the leader of a nation to stay in a youth hostel when he’s trying to present Scotland as a viable international player?

I expect the suite that was chosen included areas set aside for 
holding meetings with some fairly important people.

The transparency about the spending is a whole other issue, however.


Constitution Street