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Adam Tomkins (Letters, 8 
February) is sceptical about the ability of full statehood for an independent Scotland a mere 16 months after the referendum in October 2014.

This timescale is, however, fully in line with international 
precedent: of the 30 countries that have become independent since 1945 following a referendum, the average time between referendum and independence day has been approximately 15 months.

Mr Tomkins says these have been small countries or former colonies, but neglects to mention the likes of Czechoslovakia, a country with a population three times that of Scotland.

Agreement was reached in July 1992 to dissolve Czechoslovakia and create the Czech and Slovak Republics, with independence for both states on 1 January, 1993. This took less than six months, and some of the issues Mr Tomkins raises can be discussed after Scottish independence, as they were with Czechoslovakia.

Post-independence Scotland would continue to be part of the UK in terms of negotiations with international organisations, such as the EU, and it would be in the best interests of Scotland and the rest of the UK to progress these in a spirit of co-operation due to their shared interests. The process would be made easier should the Scottish and UK Governments enter negotiations now to smooth the process should 
Scotland vote for independence.

Alex Orr

Leamington Terrace