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WITH regard to the move to ban smoking in cars (Letters, 31 May), I have some sympathy with a pressure group like Action on Smoking and Health (Ash) though it seems to embrace any opinion, however spurious, which supports its agenda while conveniently ignoring any views which could cast doubt on it.

This is a common tendency in pressure groups and Ash can hardly be blamed for conforming to that.

However, I am somewhat concerned that the present attention, backed by often misleading if not downright inaccurate information – centred on shop presentation of tobacco products, plain packaging and the alleged prevalence of smoking in cars when children are present – has the potential to reach ­ludicrous proportions.

It should be remembered in all of this that smokers will smoke, or not, depending on their individual preferences, and not because some campaign group demands the right to make that choice for them.

Kenn McLeod

Kirkcaldy, Fife