Slave mentality

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Billy Kay (Indyref Essay, 30 July) insults the majority of Scottish people when he uses terms such as “No deniers” when referring to those who believe Scotland should remain part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

He also makes the claim that Scots are not educated in our history and this has somehow made us develop what the Catalans call a “slave mentality”.

Given the historical context of the terms “deniers” and “slave”, these words have no place in a reasoned discussion on the Union.

If Mr Kay had read his history and economic books properly he might recognise that the wealth of Scotland today had its origins in the Union of 1707.

A Yes vote will not lead to a “fairer, richer future for all” but an economy whose wealth will dry up as North Sea production declines and I have a good idea that when this happens his “visionary” Alex Salmond will find someone south of the Border to blame for the mess.

Alan Black

Camus Avenue