Sky-high salaries

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You reported (5 August) that Glasgow City Council has 32 employees earning more than £100,000 a year. A report by the ­Taxpayers’ ­Alliance revealed that across Scotland there are 125, and UK-wide 542, people ­earning (if that’s the correct word) more than £150,000.

A staggering fact is that UK-wide at least 2181 council ­employees received more than £100,000. For the past three or four years there has been a freeze, or negligible salary increases, for the real workers. Higher ­officials have, for years, been given ­preferential terms.

Some receive large redundancy ­payments and are then taken back as a ­consultant. Salaries are increased ­before retirement to give a ­larger pension. One chief ­executive in Scotland made ­himself redundant in order to claim more than £200,000 and a huge early pension.

Fortunately Audit Scotland investigated and the ­individual had to pay this back.

There are obscene salaries all over the public sector, not just in councils. A remuneration ­committee including council taxpayers (your editorial, same day) would result in proper corporate ­governance and accountability.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road