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I would agree with most of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) recommendations regarding MPs’ pay (your report, 12 July). It should be indexed to average earnings.

It cannot be right, however, for MPs to receive a £10,000 rise when others are restricted to 1 per cent.

They say this is paid for by changes to pensions and allowances but this is not good enough. Teachers and other public servants have had changes to their pensions, costing them extra, made by the government without any compensation and there is no reason why MPs should be exempt from the regime they impose on others.

MPs should have similar conditions of service to other public servants, not the privileged ones they enjoy now. They, too, are supposed to be public servants.

I have not heard any voices in agreement with the proposals – not even among MPs – so I see no justification in this massive pay increase.

Is this a ploy to discredit Ipsa and give the power back to the MPs to set their own pay again? I would suggest that the proposed pay increase be limited to 1 per cent and the other recommendations adopted.

James Morison

Ferguston Road