Silly season

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It IS a characteristic of this time of year, which is often called the “silly season” by journalists, as little is (usually) happening while parliament is adjourned, that empty stories feature across the news.

One such is the poll in the Scotsman which says that 53 percent of Scots would now vote for independence (7 September).

I suspect that a similar percentage would vote to leave the EU when the chips were down and 60 per cent would vote for the return of hanging.

Alas for such people, less than a year since independence 
was rejected by a substantial majority, there will be no such referendum.

It is, to be frank, a very cruel thing to ask people a question which has already been answered emphatically.

Better instead to ask where Scotland should build its first nuclear power station for over 30 years.

Andrew HN Gray

35 Craiglea Drive