Short memories

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It’s ironic that at a time when many are struggling to afford a home and make ends meet, a rise in house prices is seen as a sign of recovery (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors report, 13 August).

True recovery suggests a return to health.

However, when in the past 20 years has Scotland or the UK experienced a healthy housing market? I would argue that a healthy housing market is one where everyone has a secure, 
affordable home whether renting or buying.

Our collective memory must be very short if we have already forgotten the previous house price bubble which played a major part in the financial meltdown of 2008.

So, yes, we need to build homes for people to buy but also to build 10,000 new social homes a year to end Scotland’s housing crisis for good.

This will bring hope to the 157,000 households on council waiting lists and much-needed jobs to our construction industry.

Graeme Brown

Shelter Scotland

South Charlotte Street