Shetland scenario

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The issue of a Scottish oil fund, whether within the UK or an 
independent Scotland, raises the interesting related “Shetland Question”.

The following scenario is so critical to independence that time should be spent debating it now:

It is the day after the independence referendum. A Yes vote has been returned. However, a media person is quick to point out that the Shetland Islands voted to stay within the UK.

Scotland needs Shetland’s oil to write the script for a secure economic future, but Westminster and the rest of the UK
believe that the situation is similar to the Falkland Islands, and that the people of Shetland should be allowed self-

The respective populations are: 2,841 in the Falklands and 22,500 in the Shetlands.

What happens next, supposing Westminster could afford to offer Shetland a larger oil fund than Scotland?

Derek Carter

Main Road