Shetland blight

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AS AN eco-tourist, birder and amateur geologist, I am very concerned to hear of the environmental threat to Shetland resulting from the decision by Holyrood ministers to grant planning permission for the vast Viking Energy wind farm across central Shetland – without a public inquiry, against the advice of Shetland Islands Council planning department and the wishes of 75 per cent of islanders opposed to it. 

Why then has this been allowed to happen?

Why has Tavish Scott, MSP for the area, refused to speak out for the environment?

Seventy-three of the 103 turbines will be within about a mile of dwelling houses and centuries of ancient peat deposits will be damaged, releasing carbon dioxide in large quantities, for what is a supposedly environmental project. Plant, animal and bird and fish species within and beyond the site will all be negatively impacted.

This ill-conceived and railroaded decision is now costing Shetland campaigners a judicial review. Anyone who loves the wild places must stop this madness and lend support.

Moira Reekie

Mallard Grove