Shameful actions

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I read of the outgoing director of the National Theatre of Scotland (NTS), Vicky Featherstone, disclosing she has endured anti-English bullying to such an extent that it briefly left her unable to do her job (your report, 18 December). I also read this bullying had “really, really upset” her and left her “paralysed” artistically.

At a time when Scottish police figures are showing record racist attacks against “white Britons”, politicians are warning about anti-English rhetoric “creeping” into Scottish society, and leading voices of our parochial ­“chaterati” are railing against artistic colleagues from down south as “colonists”, I would like to take the opportunity at this time of goodwill to offer a hearty Scottish welcoming embrace to the new director of the NTS, Laurie Sansom.

The fact that he is English will only be a source of annoyance to the most incoherent bar-room Scrooges in these parts.

Some might want to use this Christmas period as a time for examination of conscience, to feel the appropriate shame for their lack of hospitality to Ms Featherstone and others, and move on in a more generous spirit in the new year.

James MacMillan CBE

Southbrae Drive