Sexual ethics

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Hugh MacKenzie (Letters, 28 July) seems to regard sexual desires as self-vindicating, but a moment’s reflection should make it clear that not every 
sexual desire should lead to sexual activity.

My view that marriage between a man and a woman is the only proper context for sexual relations maximises the likelihood of children growing up in a stable family with a father and mother, and optimises the health, wealth and happiness of adults.

The competing view that sexual activity is permissible between any consenting adults leads to relationship and family instability, causing significant harm to adults, children and wider society.

I do not wish to return to any past age, though a return to the extremely low levels of crime, family breakdown, drug abuse, drunkenness and indecency in the 1950s would be welcome, would it not?

There are some who are driven by bigotry and aggression towards those different from themselves, and this, sadly, can fuel the mistreatment of homosexuals. “Equality” campaigners deliberately conflate any dissent from liberal orthodoxy with persecution and violence, but codes of sexual ethics should be assessed on their merits.

I do not ascribe the worst excesses of promiscuity and vulgarity among homosexuals to the gay community in general, and ask for similarly fair treatment.

Richard Lucas