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Having read and re-read Peter Jones’s article (Perspective, 2 July) I am still trying to find the sneers and jibes to which it 

On closer reading it becomes apparent that he was the one to put the question to the Scottish Government, not Gordon Hughes, professor of economics at the University of Edinburgh.

That he could put a negative spin on that reply is testament to his dismissive attitude towards the Scottish Government.

Nor could I find anything in the reply that was trying to “make the speaker look foolish or malevolent”.

Additionally, I view his comments about North Sea oil contributing to the downfall of traditional industries in Scotland as utter nonsense; that was purely down to Margaret Thatcher’s ­government.

Why wasn’t a sovereign wealth fund set up at that time?

To answer my own question, 
it was because successive Westminster governments were 
trying to bury the real value of North Sea oil, as has been proven by recently released secret

Now that was a very serious matter, Mr Jones, and still ­“deserves a serious answer”.

C Murphy

West Calder

West Lothian