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I DON’T believe there are many who could deny the benefits the Scottish Government has given to the people of Scotland: these include free prescriptions, free university education, an end to bridge tolls and a freeze on ­council tax, among others.

So just what is it that the Tory and Labour clique hopes to offer that is even better if we ditch independence? As far as I can see they do nothing but whine and bleat at every opportunity to dumb down the very government that the people put in power; yet they cannot offer any alternatives of their own.

Their abysmal record shows that trillions of pounds have poured into the London Treasury from the North Sea since oil first flowed decades ago. And this is nothing compared with the income tax and VAT receipts.

So where are we now after ­accruing these colossal sums over several decades?

Food banks, nobody can ­afford to buy a house, fuel poverty for motorists, domestic fuel poverty for householders, low wages, fewer job opportunities, the bedroom tax and dying people being told they are fit to work. Where did all the money go?

Well, there was £14 million for Syrian rebels, £90m to Somalia, £390m to Atos, £35-40 billion every year for defence (offence) and £100bn for Trident over ten years.

Instead of wittering on and on in blinding negativity, the Tory/Labour establishment should admit that all they really want is the £3 trillion still left in the North Sea, and complete control of England’s northern flank. I certainly don’t believe either party loses sleeps over the welfare of a single person living in Scotland.

If I am wrong, then let us have the list of benefits we will get by sticking with control under this pair again.

Robert Gritton

Glen Drive

Dyce, Aberdeen

SCOTTISH politics tends to inure observers to the total lack of any sense of irony or indeed humour on the part of those who wish to separate our country and break up the UK.

Recently, however, I have noted that a key phrase in favour of separation seems to be: “You will no longer get governments you did not vote for.’’

Are those presumably wishing to be taken seriously by saying this really unaware of the facts?

The Scottish National Party administration at present in power in Edinburgh was not chosen by around 75 per cent of the total Scottish electorate.

But why should simple truths and facts come in the way of a good line.

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg