Selling sex

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Richard Lucas (Letters, 10 
December) says: “Those women who enter into prostitution voluntarily have often been the victim of abuse themselves, leading to a damaged self-conception.”

In other words, those who would voluntarily do what Mr Lucas wishes they wouldn’t do are informed that their choice often springs from “a damaged self-conception”, with the implication that their choice is not to be given full weight.

To dismiss those with a dissenting view as psychologically damaged is a common manoeuvre on the part of totalitarian regimes.

One thinks of political dissenters in the Soviet Union, whose liberal views were regarded as indicative of psychological abnormality.

Paul Brownsey

Larchfield Road


We will never get everyone to agree on the subject of prostitution, so instead of trying to shout each other down, why don’t we pool our intelligence and try help the victims?


Dundas Street