Security delays

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I RETURNED to Edinburgh recently after a week in Cyprus. Security in Cyprus took ten minutes. However, when we arrived at Edinburgh Airport to fly out things were so different.

We arrived at 6am and dropped off our bags in just a couple of minutes and had our pre-printed boarding passes ready. We climbed the stairs and this is where it all went wrong. The queue started at the top of the escalators and snaked backwards and forwards. Eventually we got to the front where we had to present our boarding passes to get through the turnstile. 
We then had to queue again to reach security where everyone had to strip off various items, such as i-Pads and i-Phones. My husband set the alarm off and had to queue again to be re-scanned and had to wait till the male member of staff was available. This process took an hour.

So I would like to ask: how will Edinburgh Airport manage to cope in July and August?

Natalie Elrick

Melvin Walk, Edinburgh