Secret weapon

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The weekend’s newspapers suggest that Ed Miliband has a newfound confidence is and believes he will be the next prime ­minster.

Why I wonder? Could it be that the charismatic, photogenic Nicola Sturgeon having sexed up a lack lustre campaign and a colourless Labour party with one mantra – ‘I will keep the Tories out of government’ has turned the election into a two-horse race.

This is the message that has grabbed the headlines. Miliband promised to “weaponise” the NHS instead he has been ‘weaponised’ by the ferocious Nicola, nothing to do with the effectiveness of the Labour party. ­Fascinating.

By comparison David Cameron’s television appearances have been eclipsed by the barrage of publicity for the SNP and Labour, unbalancing perhaps the political fairness of election ­coverage.

The remedy? Perhaps launching the equally curvaceous and glamorous Sam Cam in a stunning red dress and high heels on a well orchestrated seven-day campaign in England may redress the balance; After all, neither she nor Nicola is standing for ­election.

Betty Davies

Blackie House,